Hey! I'm Tarek.

picture of Tarek Zaher

And if you're reading this you're probably looking to build a new website. Great news: you've come to the right place.

I happen to be a freelance web designer based in Lufkin, TX currently attending the University of Texas at Austin.

And when I'm not petting dogs or reading lots of books to prep for my philosophy finals

I help small-businesses by making them profitable websites that blow them and their customers away.

What Makes Me Different

I’ve been building websites for over five years, mostly my own personal projects. When I discovered that some web design companies were over-charging small-businesses for outdated websites using ancient technology I knew I could do better.

Not only do I hand-code most of my websites using the most powerful and reliable programming languages and marketing methods, giving you the functionality and design of a multi-million dollar web agency, I do it for lower than 10% the cost they charge. Why? Because I don't have the gigantic overhead expenses of a large company, and despite what other local web design companies might have you believe, 10% of what they're charging is all it truly takes to make a great website at the scale of a small-business.

I love the satisfaction that comes from making a beautiful website customers will love to use. If you’d like to learn more, get in contact with me via the button below.